Nick in Iraq

nick-Iraq1Nick has suffered tremendous grief in his personal life, and he continues to struggle in his will to survive and thrive in civilian life due to causes related to his service of this country. Because of his A-typical signs and symptoms of PTSD as well as his undiagnosable physical condition, Nick’s personal and professional life has been dramatically affected and we fear for his safety and well being. We are asking for your assistance in getting help on behalf of our Father, Son and Brother, one of Michigan’s Heroes, a United States Marine.


Nick’s Service In The First Iraq War

kathy-nickIn 1990-91 Nick was deployed for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He was informed of his 50% life expectancy for this deployment, but he told his family he was willing to do whatever it took to ensure the freedom of others, even if it meant sacrificing his own life. Fortunately, he did not participate in any combat action and he seemed unaffected by this rather short deployment.