Treatment Needed For Invisible Wounds

Treatment Needed For Invisible Wounds

Many of our soldiers are coming back with wounds that cannot be seen, yet are just as real as a missing limb. They cannot and should not be ignored. These men and women deserve the best care possible, no matter the wound.




Nick today in The VA “system”

Nick has yet to recieve any treatment for his TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and is running out of time. Nick needs help NOW if the damage is to be halted and some function returned. Nick’s decline is on a daily/weekly basis and it was only a little over 4 years ago that Nick was helping to run my parents’ company. As you see, Nick can no longer brush his teeth, bathe, dress, or even use the bathroom as he is incontinent. We urgently ask for the word to get out there to find Nick support and help that he rightly deserves as a United States Marine Veteran.

Update on Nick’s care


Nick (Marine Corp Veteran) was taken to the Amen clinic in Reston Virginia in the hopes of finding out answers about Nick’s mental decline. What we found out is that Nick has suffered a dramatic loss of function of his brain due to traumatic brain injury. How and why was not answered but that Nick indeed suffered a great loss of brain function. Good news is that if Nick were to be able to receive treatment called HBOT or hyperbaric oxygenation treatment, his decline would be halted and if he continued with treatment, Nick could possibly regain up to 40% function! This is great news, because this would allow Nick a better quality of life and bring back some every day functions he lost. However, trying to convince Nick’s medical team is proving to be a little tougher than thought. There are those on the team who are advocating that Nick receive this type of treatment as well as TBI (traumatic brain injury) treatment. Yet, there are those that are skeptical and want to research this and other options more. However, Nick’s decline is not based on months but daily and weekly and we fear that if the VA waits to long, Nick’s opprotunity may pass. The Amen clinic has given us the best information and hope right now and we are trying to cooperatively work with the VA system to get Nick the help he deserves, however, the system seems to continue to put obstacles in Nick’s way and we are confused and frustrated as to why they would not even try the Amen Clinics recommendation. We are trying to get the word out in hopes that the VA will be pushed into allowing Nick this type of treatment, to give him a chance at a life. Please read Nick’s Story to understand fully what this Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm VETERAN has had to endure since returning home.