TBI cases increased dramatically during the war

TBI cases increased dramatically during the war

Hmmm……amazing that this was known. Our soilders need help with recovering from TBI and only a “few” are recieving the help they need. Why does it take a battle to fight through all the beuracratic red tape? Don’t our soilders deserve the best for giving their best?


Nick is at EISENHOWER CENTER in Ann Arbor

Nick is at EISENHOWER CENTER in Ann Arbor

Nick is at the Eisenhower Center in Ann Arbor and is loving it! Of course he should be as he is in active therapy from speech, to occupational therapy (brushing teeth, bathing, feeding himself) and Physical therapy (bowling, art, etc…) Nick is being stimulated and his mind is being stimulated into doing things and remember, connecting those neurons to do more! YEAH!!!! This is HUGE and we are so glad the VA took a chance on him and will pay for 3 months of therapy! Nick needs to improve to the point that he no longer needs one on one so that the cost will decrease and hopefully the VA can see that he is worth the effort, money, and time! The Eisenhower Center has stated that Nick needs at the very least 6 months of therapy in order for this too work and ideally 1 year for complete therapy! Now the “fight” is to get this paid for! Nick deserves the year due to all the miss diagnoses, labeling, false information that has been handed to him and to his family! He has been labeled as “faking” his symptoms to “graduating from the “6” week program” for PTSD, to having “alzheimers”. Doctors have even told us to “grieve” because we need to “accept” that Nick is dying! WHAT……You go grieve, we will FIGHT for Nick to have his life! So the battle was won but Nick’s war continues! Onward and upward!