The Battle Continues!

struggling soilder

Nick is currently in the Eisenhower Center in Ann Arbor Michigan receiving treatment. However, the VA has and continues to fight against us as we seek to improve Nick’s life. The new battle we are “fighting” against is Nick’s primary diagnosis of dementia that was given to him in the many diagnosis he has received over the many years. Because of this the VA is saying “Nick is not in need of treatment for TBI and PTSD that the Eisenhower is giving him so therefore we will no longer be paying for any of Nick’s treatment”. UGhhhhh!!!! Really?? Can this be happening??? I thought the VA was suppose to TAKE CARE of their Veterans! The men and women who have served this GREAT country of ours SELFLESSLY! Nick has dementia due to the many exposures of IED blast at close range! Nick has a TBI!!!! Well duh, you are thinking. Apparently for the VA it needs to be spelled out slowly. For all the effort and expense the VA has put into fighting against Nick’s treatment, you would think it would be cheaper to just help him and get us out of their “hair” sort of speak. Nick has fought for our country, shouldn’t we fight for him? Does he not deserve the treatment? Should he not be able to enjoy his life too? Come on! Give this soilder, this Marine a fighting chance!