The Battle Continues!

struggling soilder

Nick is currently in the Eisenhower Center in Ann Arbor Michigan receiving treatment. However, the VA has and continues to fight against us as we seek to improve Nick’s life. The new battle we are “fighting” against is Nick’s primary diagnosis of dementia that was given to him in the many diagnosis he has received over the many years. Because of this the VA is saying “Nick is not in need of treatment for TBI and PTSD that the Eisenhower is giving him so therefore we will no longer be paying for any of Nick’s treatment”. UGhhhhh!!!! Really?? Can this be happening??? I thought the VA was suppose to TAKE CARE of their Veterans! The men and women who have served this GREAT country of ours SELFLESSLY! Nick has dementia due to the many exposures of IED blast at close range! Nick has a TBI!!!! Well duh, you are thinking. Apparently for the VA it needs to be spelled out slowly. For all the effort and expense the VA has put into fighting against Nick’s treatment, you would think it would be cheaper to just help him and get us out of their “hair” sort of speak. Nick has fought for our country, shouldn’t we fight for him? Does he not deserve the treatment? Should he not be able to enjoy his life too? Come on! Give this soilder, this Marine a fighting chance!


6 thoughts on “The Battle Continues!

  1. Thelma j White says:

    Nick is the son if my cousin, Elaine. How sad that the government through the VA Hospital is considering abandoning him when he has such a great need. Nothing in his life before he fought in Iraq would have prepared him for the horrors of war. Most certainly his dementia is a result if what he encountered during the war. He was there when his country needed him and now the government has a responsibility to help him as he struggles with the after effects of the trauma of being a soldier during wartime. We are asking that you reconsider and continue to help this wonderful man who would be leading a normal life had he not experienced such overwhelming trauma.

    • praises4u says:

      If all the “powers to be” would see that he is improving and that he does not have dementia but rather many TBI, maybe they could pull off their blinders and treat him like he deserves to be treated. It is so funny how “they” will find so many excuses at why they should NOT help Nick. We wish they would look at how they can.

  2. It is so disappointing that the government is abandoning the soldiers. Just from what I am reading, I don’t care what Nick has, it is clearly caused from Iraqi Freedom! It is also clear that some of these doctors in the VA system have no clue, since, I am sure they did not serve the country. Most of them are only there for the paychecks. I hope and pray that Nick gets the help he needs and deserves.

    • praises4u says:

      Thank you, so do we….

    • Justin says:

      What’s more sickening is the countless VA claims that are processed annually for BS injuries from 4 year contract walk-outs that never deployed farther than their front yard. I know several people receiving ridiculous amounts of cash for disabilities that are in no way service related. SOMEONE needs to stoke these coals because guys like Nick shouldn’t be waiting in lines, waiting for replies or paperwork to catch up. No question admittance to care is what he needs. Not the BS VA politics that many heroes like him get handed.

  3. Mary Modderman says:

    Nick’s family I hope is contacting the Senators and congressmen/women who represent HIM at STATE level and in the FEDERAL Government and DON’T STOP CAMPAIGNING for his care and the care of ALL our VETS! It is unethical and criminal to deny his needed treatment from all the TBI he has received. I hope his THERAPISTS – Occupational , Physical, Speech and Psychiatric all join in this effort to not change the diagnosis – just because the Doctors are frustrated and don’t know what else to do. You Can’t sweep these issues under the rug. Thank you NICK for being the man you are. God Bless you.

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