We NEED National attention!

We NEED National attention!

Okay, so apparently Nick’s care has over stretched the budget of our local VA and due to the fact that he has “dementia” listed in one of his many many false diagnosis, we are now in a “battle” to get Nick’s care paid for. I have been told that we could move Nick once again to a facility that would be closer to me, his guardian, BUT is that really in Nick’s best interest? The Eisenhower Center has a phenomenal reputation in helping those with TBI and take patient’s from all over the country, not just here in Michigan. Matter of fact, a person has to be accepted into the facility. Yes, this means there is a waiting list to get into the Eisenhower Center. So, why on earth would we have Nick moved (yet once again) to a new facility? Nick has been moved around too much as it is. Why would we take him OUT of a facility that has a strong reputation for helping those with a TBI (Nick has has 5 at least)? Uh, we are not THAT naive. NO, Nick stays right were he is and yes, for all the sacrifice he and his family has given for this great country of ours, it WILL be covered!

Nick is thriving at Eisenhower. He is becoming less incontinent to where he is dry all day and maybe an accident at night, HUGE improvement. Nick is feeding himself with less intervention, Nick’s speech is improving, the list goes on. Funny, if he had dementia, wouldn’t he be getting worse and not better? Hey, what do I know, right?! Well, Nick IS improving and he does NOT have dementia.
Bottom line, Nick’s care needs to be covered and we are helping with that BUT not all of it.

Nick suffered the TBI injuries from the war, so I think it is fair to say his care should be covered by the government, right? Seems like an obvious solution to our problem. Yet this is not a wound you can see, this is a wound deep within, along with the PTSD he that he has. I for one am tired of having my brother thrown out with the daily “garbage“. I want to continue the positive progress Nick is working towards. No more of this “Accept your brother is dying and go home a grief for him” mentality that has been fed to his family. Nick is NOT dying, he is thriving! he loves it at the Eisenhower and wants to stay. So, we will make that happen for him.

The smile you see, in this photo of Nick holding his son Storm, is returning and I want to see that continue. Nick deserves that.

So come on! We need NATIONAL attention to continue this battle for Nick’s care! The government needs to know, “We have a soilder who is worth something here


5 thoughts on “We NEED National attention!

  1. Aline McIntyre says:

    What about starting one of those online petitions for him on http://www.change.org.
    Those seem to get alot if attention and circulate widely on Facebook and twitter.

  2. Scott says:

    I love nick and your family .do you need a money contribution . Where can it be sent to. Love y’all let me know would love to help Scott Woodworth

    • praises4u says:

      We are working at a fundraiser at some point, I have a bank account set up for Nick because we know eventually we will have to cover his expenses. I will post the address at a later time. Thanks Scott. 🙂 I will tell Nick you said hello.

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