Yes! a miracle!

Yes! a miracle!

WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! A Doctor in the Ann Arbor area has agreed to treat Nick with hyperbaric treatments! Here is the kicker, he will NOT accept any payments and is going to donate 60 treatments to Nick! His request was for the Eisenhower to document before and after treatments to see if there is any improvements in Nick. I am dumb founded, ecstatic, humbled, and over joyed! I see rainbows and unicorns! Miracles do happen!
Now to figure out the details, as the “dives” are an hour long and Nick would be in a complete chamber. Hmmm…..looks like many trips to Ann Arbor in my near future. Hey, if I can get in the shower to clean him, I can help with this too. I am just greatful that someone is willing to do this for Nick, but to donate 60 services without wanting payment is amazing. No one ever does anything for free, right? Well this doctor is and we are eternally grateful. The treatments have not started yet, so I am kinda holding my breath as the rug has been pulled out from under us so many times, but I am very hopeful that this good doctor will come through for Nick. I will update when the first treatment begins!


One thought on “Yes! a miracle!

  1. Maris says:

    So so happy for all of you! I pray it all goes well 🙂

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