Nick went for his FIRST Hyperbaric treatment!!!

Nick went for his FIRST Hyperbaric treatment!!!

Nick and my folks (along with staff from Eisenhower) went to Dr. Rubin’s office to check out the hyperbaric chamber and see the office. Well……Dr. Rubin told Nick “let’s start you out on a treatment today” Nick was given an anti-anxiety med and sat in the chamber for a whole hour! THIS is an AMAZING thing for Nick as he has minimal understanding and patience to sit still. Fortunately, there is speakers in the chamber so you can talk to him. My folks were able to talk with him and keep him calm the whole time. We are praying and believing that this will help his brain beable to regenerate and form new pathways for Nick. Miracles happen all the time and who am I or who are the doctors to say that Nick cannot get better. I believe in miracles and I am a nurse! Looking forward to bigger and better things for Nick!


4 thoughts on “Nick went for his FIRST Hyperbaric treatment!!!

  1. Bob Zuhl says:

    Faith is believing to see even when you can’t see. Continue to visualize healing. We are praying for Nick. He is God’s son too!
    Bob and Marg Zuhl

  2. praises4u says:

    Amen! I believe. We believe! God is in charge!

  3. Miracles happen every day – may one happen for Nick EVERY day until he’s himself again. Love and light – Kim West (I knew Nick through Wattles Park and Harper Creek like many who’ve posted and live in AZ now. This story touched me immensely). I feel like you are advocating not just for Nick but for a segment of the population who have been ridiculously underrepresented after being horribly misled. May your work, dedication and faith reap what you are sowing for all the men and women in Nick’s situation.

    • praises4u says:

      Kim~ Thank you for your support and encouragement. We do believe there has been miracles everyday as God has opened closed doors that seemed as though they were locked. We believe that Nick can and will come back to us. We agree that there are so many out there that do not receive the care they need and deserve. It is a shame that anyone who served this Great country of ours has to fight for anything. We pray our work does help others like Nick.

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