Traumatic Brain Injury is not a mishap

Traumatic Brain Injury is not a mishap

Nick is living in the Eisenhower Center and is loving being in his enviroment. A fundraiser on March 8th raised enough funds to keep Nick there for a few months. I pray that his treatment will finally get covered so we will no longer have to do fundraisers. Nick’s happiness and recovery is what is important. To give up is not an option because Nick has not given up. “Will Nick ever get better” is the question asked so often. The answer is, we do not know. We have faith, hope and trust that Nick can make a recovery but it is not our choice whether he does or not. Our faith in God tells us that “All things are possible…” So we hope, we pray, we believe in miracles. God is our guide and we must trust him. Does that wean we wait for him to “save” Nick and do nothing??? Absolutely not. The parable where a man is sitting on his roof while the flood waters are all around him praying for God to “save” him and then turning down 3 boats that have gone by with a person who yells out, “I have room in my boat, come down and I will take you to safety”. The man on the roof turns down the offer all three times. Eventually he drowns, goes to heaven and asks God why he did not save him? In a moment God replies, “Well I tried, I sent three boats to save you and you turned each one down”. That is why we fight so hard for Nick. We believe that God can heal Nick, but we do not wait on the roof when there are options for him. It is not our place to limit what can be done. As a nurse, I know what the outcome should be for Nick, but I have seen miracles in my time as a nurse that defies all understanding. Can a miracle happen for Nick? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Will God heal Nick? Yes he will. How he heals Nick is the question I do not know. Thank you everyone for supporting Nick and his endevour to heal.
Nick continues to fight so we continue to fight for him. So many doors have opened up that cannot be explained that we cannot give up hope.
We still pray, we hope and we believe.


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