Fundraiser for Nick!

Golf fundraiser

You know, I am not always on here because of many reasons (family, work, Nick, fundraisers, facebook page for Nick, etc….) BUT……When I am, it must be for a reason! Well, this reason is for raising funds to continue Nick’s care and treatment at the Traumatic Brain Injury facility that he lives at. My and my family’s ultimate goal is to bring Nick “home” in many forms, but we also know that it takes time. In the mean time, we have to do everything possible to keep him safe and keep him in a place of love and treatment to give him the best chance possible to return to us. So while we continue to fight, beg, and plead with the VA system to help us, we still need to come up with the funds to do all we can for Nick, and it is NOT cheap! I and my family would love to snap our fingers, blink our eyes, sprinkle miracle dust on Nick and have his TBI and PTSD ( traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder) disappear, but we live in the real world and know that miracles need time and we continue to pray and believe, but we also must do our part in helping make this miracle a reality. So our job is to come up with the funds as well as be actively involved in Nick’s treatment and care.

We are hosting a Golf Fundraiser for Nick on July 12th in Battle Creek Michigan to help cover cost of Nick’s care and treatment. This is the part I hate doing. I wish I could put all my focus on Nick and fighting for him, but I and we cannot. Shoot…..isn’t anything easy? I/we wish it was……but it’s not, so we must! Please spread the word, come to the event, send a donation for a raffle at the end of the event, or donate financially to help us continue Nick’s fight to regain his life. One day we hope to pay it forward and be able to help others with needs like Nick’s. We thank you for being able to pay it forward now with helping us “Fight for Nick”

~Jillena Kellogg (Nick’s sister and Guardian), Sisters Kathy, Debbie. Parents Jim and Elaine, Children Suzy and Storm 


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