channel 3 news We have GREAT news! Nick’s family met with Channel 3 News out of Kalamazoo Michigan and they want to do a news story about Nick, his battle to find a diagnosis and now his fight for adequate treatment. We are excited to say the least. Hopefully the news story will raise more interest for Nick and others like him struggling with the “system” that makes these veterans jump through hoops to gain any assistance for adequate care. We are praying, crossing our fingers, and toes in the hopes that Nick will be able to stay at the Eisenhower Center in Ann Arbor for continued treatment. God is good!

News Alert!


First fundraiser for Nick is November 17th. Yeah, I know it is opening weekend, but sometimes you have to take what you get. So, hopefully we are able to raise the funds needed. Wish us luck

Fundraising for Nick’s cause and care!

Fundraising for Nick's cause and care!.

Fundraising for Nick’s cause and care!

Fundraising for Nick's cause and care!

Hello my friends! Nick’s family is looking into ways to raise funds for Nick’s rehab and care at the Eisenhower Center as the VA has pulled the plug. I no longer have time to fight with them for coverage of Nick’s care and Nick needs the care as well as the rehab, sooooo…… We are looking into different ways to raise funds, (i.e.) Benefit dinner, t-shirts if you donate, future run, etc…. so please be on the lookout for a future benefit to take place. I will keep you all posted on dates, times, location. Nick does receive disability from the military, but it is not enough to cover all his cost, this is why the need for fundraising. All proceeds will go into helping Nick and his goal in “getting my brain back” as he has said so many times.

We are looking at getting him seen by a physician outside the VA realm for a second opinion and maybe more clarification on the route needed for Nick’s care and treatment. I find the fact that we have to go outside the “system” in order to find care, treatment, and support, absolutely dumbfounding as it is clear to me that if a person serves their country and sacrifices “ALL”, they surley deserve to be taken care of in a quality fashion and not over medicated, left in a nursing home with no stimulation to rot away, and clearly receive the best care possible. Do you not agree? Nick and other the other soilders deserve being treated with respect, honor, and dignity. Nick, in a lot of ways has not. Yes, there are those who have supported him and us that are in the system, but they are only a few amongst many. Thank God for those who have had the compassion to help us “Fight 4 Nick”.

So please stay tuned as we will be announcing information soon on fundraising events. Thank you all for supporting Nick, it means so much to him and his family. Nick is updated frequently on what is happening for him behind the scene. In Nick’s own words, “Oh really? That’s good.”

Nick celebrating his birthday at the Eisenhower Center. Nick’s smile says it all!

Nick celebrating his birthday at the Eisenhower Center. Nick's smile says it all!

Nick is improving at the Eisenhower Center and he loves it there. Miracles do happen all the time. We will not allow those negative seeds to be planted. How many times have we all heard of this person being “diagnosed” with a terminal diagnosis only to later have the Doctors scratching their heads because what they thought was a terminal disease has suddenly disappeared! Nick’s family chooses to believe that a miracle is taking place and that Nick is going to be witness to that.

Today at Nick’s monthly team meeting, it was noted by all his team members how Nick is improving. They are not giving up, why should we?

We were told that the Eisenhower is going to tell us what we want to hear to keep Nick there because the Eisenhower was getting money off of Nick. Well, I am here to say, that there is a waiting list to get into the center, matter of fact, a person has to be accepted into their program. When one person leaves the center, another person is accepted into their program. So, it really does not matter if Nick is there or not. The Eisenhower Center staff believes in Nick and the fact that Nick is “in there”. We believe too.

Happy Birthday Marine!

Nick went for his FIRST Hyperbaric treatment!!!

Nick went for his FIRST Hyperbaric treatment!!!

Nick and my folks (along with staff from Eisenhower) went to Dr. Rubin’s office to check out the hyperbaric chamber and see the office. Well……Dr. Rubin told Nick “let’s start you out on a treatment today” Nick was given an anti-anxiety med and sat in the chamber for a whole hour! THIS is an AMAZING thing for Nick as he has minimal understanding and patience to sit still. Fortunately, there is speakers in the chamber so you can talk to him. My folks were able to talk with him and keep him calm the whole time. We are praying and believing that this will help his brain beable to regenerate and form new pathways for Nick. Miracles happen all the time and who am I or who are the doctors to say that Nick cannot get better. I believe in miracles and I am a nurse! Looking forward to bigger and better things for Nick!

Yes! a miracle!

Yes! a miracle!

WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! A Doctor in the Ann Arbor area has agreed to treat Nick with hyperbaric treatments! Here is the kicker, he will NOT accept any payments and is going to donate 60 treatments to Nick! His request was for the Eisenhower to document before and after treatments to see if there is any improvements in Nick. I am dumb founded, ecstatic, humbled, and over joyed! I see rainbows and unicorns! Miracles do happen!
Now to figure out the details, as the “dives” are an hour long and Nick would be in a complete chamber. Hmmm…..looks like many trips to Ann Arbor in my near future. Hey, if I can get in the shower to clean him, I can help with this too. I am just greatful that someone is willing to do this for Nick, but to donate 60 services without wanting payment is amazing. No one ever does anything for free, right? Well this doctor is and we are eternally grateful. The treatments have not started yet, so I am kinda holding my breath as the rug has been pulled out from under us so many times, but I am very hopeful that this good doctor will come through for Nick. I will update when the first treatment begins!